19 June, 2024

Regional Centre


Certificate in Social Work and Criminal Justice System (CSWCJS)

Minimum Duration: 6 Months
Maximum Duration: 2 Years
Minimum Age: No bar
Maximum Age: No bar


 Graduate in any discipline

This certificate programme in Social Work in Criminal Justice System aims to train a cadre of graduate professionals interested in working in the correctional settings such as jails, family courts, beggars’ home, special schools for boys and girls, observation home/rescue home etc. The programme would be also relevant for the various NGO professionals who are working in the correctional settings. The programme is offered for a period of six months both in English and Hindi. A learner has to acquire 16 credits, 8 credits will cover the theory and 8 credits will be practicum.


Fee Structure: Rs.1,300/- for full programme


Soft copy link for Self Learning Material (SLM)