27 June, 2022

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Online Courses at SWAYAM platform

23 December, 2021

  •  Courses for B.Ed. learners, teachers or Teacher educators:

Learning and Teaching: onlinecourses.swayam2.ac.in/nou22_ed02/preview

Pedagogy of Science: onlinecourses.swayam2.ac.in/nou22_ed03/preview


  • Course for B.A. Second Semester Students and students studying Education as a Subject

BESC-132: शिक्षा की संरचना एवं प्रबन्धन (Structure and Management of Education): onlinecourses.swayam2.ac.in/nou22_ed08/preview

Short-term course for University/College Teachers and Research Scholars

Research Ethics and Plagiarism: onlinecourses.swayam2.ac.in/nou22_ge29/preview